Sunday, August 21, 2011

What a Jerk

This card is for my best friends 10th anniversary this week.  Shelly and Cory were married in the side garden of my home and we held the reception around the pool.  It was very laid back as we had a picnic barbeque.  Now they have two amazing children, a Delorean, and are building their own home. Good stuff!

I was unable to make it to the crop.  I thought about everyone there and what they would be doing - but I just could not get myself going.  I have been losing alot of weight and am still having issues with low blood pressure.  Adjusting medication has not helped

Part of end stage renal failure is the feeling of isolation. Most people are lovely offering support and prayers.  My true friends haven more than proven themselves.  And then there is the guy next door.  We were outside chatting and I made  mention of waiting for my transplant surgery because then I could get back to gardening.  Mr. Sensitivity replies that lots of people of problems Alison - I need knee surgery sometime soon. I kept my composure and told him I thought it was terrible for him to go through that, and then got myself back inside the house where I shook my head quite a few times in disbelief.  I WISH a bum knee was my problem.  What a jerk!

Heheh - thanks for letting me rant on that one.  Honestly!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Thinking of you as always. Sorry about the Jerk.

  2. I have been on holiday and just going through my blog list, sorry you had to converse with such a jerk. Hope you are feeling a little better as you haven't posted for a while. Thinking of you.

    Pat xx

  3. Hello Alison. I am new to your lovely blog & wanted to be sure to leave you a comment & say hello. Also, I will be keeping you in prayer for all things positive. I am sorry to learn of your kidney/pancreas issues and hope that God will provide a donor for you real soon. I was viewing your pretty cards and just enjoying your creations.
    Sorry about that selfish, insensitive man. I wish you all the best.
    Take care,

  4. want me to help him speed up his knee surgery? Give me six beers and my north Sask side can come out ;o)