Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Little Better Day

Boy, am I tired this evening.  I can't get much done before I flop.

My personal care worker bathed me and then did a little light housekeeping for me this morning.

My daughters took me to lunch at a restaurant I used to enjoy all the time but it was hard.  I had to use the wheelchair and found it hard to eat like I used to.  I have chicken legs and arms now.  It looks so frail.

I felt exhausted after lunch but we needed to run a couple of errands.  The first was to get a prescription of Lyrica.  I'm in constant pain.  I have taken one a couple of hours ago and it's helping!

I was nearly in tears, but I hung on and went to a hairstylist and had my hair washed and blown dry.

Simple day, but for me an ordeal. I'm thinking positively about tomorrow since I am now getting pain relief.

Lastly, my family agrees the contents of my craft room should come upstairs for now, so I'm really happy.

I hope everyone is happily crafting and feeling the best.


  1. Oh my Oh my I am jumping up and down to see your sweet words. I have missed you. What is going on?

  2. So glad your pain relief is working for you Ali and that you have had a better day. Good news that your craft supplies will be with you soon look forward to seeing what you create. Hope your weekend is good for you.

    Pat xx