Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trying to Get Back

Since I am unable to get to my craft room, I have decided to post photos that make me happy and just post a few thoughts as often as I can.

I am now on hemo-dyalisis three afternoons per week.  I usually curl up under a blanket and try to fall asleep.

Every morning a worker comes to bathe me.  I sure have lost my modesty.

I spent the last three months in the hospital.  6 weeks of that was in rehab, which felt like prison.  Home cooking sure is good.

My next project, since my bed is currently in the living room, is to convince my family to  move my craft table and scrapping supplies up here. I long to start card making.


  1. You know you can call on me to help :)

  2. Maybe you can at least get them to bring some coloring supplies to you.
    Praying for good days ahead for you!

  3. Great idea. I could get ahead of the game with stamps, digis and markers :)