Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another New Day - Another Chance

Another new day.  I awoke earlier than usual this morning.  My low hemoglobin usually sees me sleeping in and later taking an afternoon nap.  Today I surprised myself.  Maybe my Eprex shots are helping? 

I took advantage of the situation and took my daughter and son to breakfast and then made them endure time in my favourite craft aisles while I bought a variety of stamps, special adhesives and glitter.  The camera doesn't show it well but the centre of each of the orange flowers on the card are smaller versions done in an aqua glitter.  I've also got about a dozen embossing files still to come through Ebay. 

A card like this one takes about half an hour so I find myself sneaking into my craft room a couple of times a day.  I take a cup of coffee with me and start new cards.  Don't ask me if I'll ever send them.  I expect some day I'll have a huge pile of cards that will be put in a yard sale, just to clear out the craft room. 

The crafting has nudged me back to my exercise equipment, since the two rooms are on the same level. After I finish a card, I'm getting in the habit of hopping on a machine. I want to do everything I can to be in the best shape possible as soon as possible.  That means exercise, even if it's walking.  That also means getting tougher on myself in the kitchen.  I don't eat 'big' but if I want to lose I have to switch up a few things.

The sudden burst of exercise energy is due to the happy news I've previously alluded to.  At this moment in time I'm finding it hard to describe my feelings.  Try to imagine knowing your time is short, and know that you are weak and sick and that you've adapted to that.  Then imagine the surreal feeling of getting a call from the transplant co-ordinator at the TGH to tell you the tests you'd undergone were positive towards having a kidney and pancreas transplant.  They literally told me, "You'll grow to be an old woman someday"  I'm so very emotional.  I'm daydreaming now about seeing my Kennedy graduate from high school.  I'll see my daughters get married.  No longer tied to a dialysis machine I can  travel.  I just can't express the difference between acceptance and the joy I'm now experiencing.  I could hug everyone I see.  I'm going to be NORMAL!

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