Sunday, February 6, 2011

Souper Bowl Sunday

I'm calling today Souper Bowl Sunday because I'm probably going to have soup for supper.  I have no intention of watching the big game.  The rest of my family plans to watch and we have the obligatory pizza and wings waiting.  I'll being working out and then spend time with my ribbons 'n' bits.

I have an idea or two to try out.  I'm still a beginner with the paper crafts and can't wait until I'm able to do the work I see illustrated on various web sites online.  Every few days (i.e. every trip to my craft store) I try new things and I`m now having fun learning about stamping, embossing and adding glitter. Next up, after I`ve gotten good at what I`m producing so far, will be adding either watercolor or chalk.  Both of these techniques involve colouring areas on the cards and then activating them with water. There are also spray finishes that can turn an ordinary card into a masterpiece.  I want to learn how to distress various papers as well. And the more I do, the bigger my collection of  `useless`cards becomes.

My friend, Shelly, is an avid beader.  Her work is outstanding and I`m a proud owner of a woven bead bracelet.  She and I are planning a girl`s day to Sudbury to visit the Michael`s store there.  I can hardly wait to pick up papers and embellishments, etc that I`ve never seen before.  The Visa card is going to take a hit, for sure! It will be a fun day of shopping and having lunch with our friend Cynthia.

I spent a few hours today at our new hospital, but thankfully was not admitted.  It's something I live with; frequent trips for help with infections.  Things turned out to be okay so now I'll grab a bite to eat and then remove myself from civilization until after the game.

To everyone planning on watching, may the team with the cutest uniforms win!

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