Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today is not a good day.  I've woken up all twitchy and nervous. Am I headed for a gastroparesis attack?  Or am I actually driving myself towards one?  I can't put my finger on it but I'm shaking and disinterested in eating anything.  When I feel like this it's hard to even lie down and fall asleep until it passes.  I absolutely hate feeling this way. 

I paid the bills this morning and realize I spent a little more than I thought in Sudbury.  And there've been a few too many meals out this month.  Add to that stress, my daughter can't stop arguing with her girlfriend and it gets right under my skin.  I do not like to hear it and I certainly don't like Kennedy to hear grownups fighting.

I daren't go down to the craft room just yet.  I'd likely make a card that just says "Bah".  I will, however head down to exercise.  I'll see if some endorphins get me over this creepy feeling. 

I may write more tonight if today gets better.  Meanwhile I'll take my whiny complaining self off to do something constructive.

Later:  The day did improve.  I finally shut my eyes for a nap and awoke refreshed.  I guess my little freak out this morning was stress or nerves.  When things aren't harmoneous around me I react physically.  Anyway, I've had my exercise time and spent awhile on the phone with my mother.  Now there is a lady with stuff to complain about.  She's 86 with all that entails, plus blind.  I hope that's not an inherited trait because being blind would really really suck.  Hey!  I just realized I anticipated living into my old age.  Yay!

I made a couple of cards meant for very special friends.  Sadly, my tidy, lovely, craft room had been visited by Kennedy while I had that nap.  The family member caring for him claims they were distracted.  Kennedy unwound the ribbons stored prettily on the dowel, tipped over a bottle of glitter and a few other things. I had to smile while I was cleaning the mess up.  It looks like he had a ball.

Off now to check Facebook and go up to read at a reasonable time.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll wake up feeling good again.

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