Friday, February 18, 2011


Today wasn't too bad emotionally, but physically it was a rough one.  I couldn't eat again and around 3 pm I started choking.  I got through it with my daughters looking on.  I must look so pathetic when I am sick because they get these stricken, worried looks on their faces.  Once I start having these episodes, they usually escalate over time to land me back in the hospital.  How sad is that?

I ended up curling up under a blanket and trying to daydream about my transplant.  I fell asleep briefly and ate for the first time today - a very light dinner.  I doubt I'll make it downstairs this evening.

There was one wonderful bright spot in my day.  Despite some gnarly weather, Shelly dropped by.  She had been shopping and saw a couple of paper craft magazines she thought I'd enjoy.  She was right!  Tons of project ideas as well as ads for new products.  For instance, I'd like to try out iridescent varnish.  Also some Beatrix Potter stamps that I could finish with watercolours.  A big thank you to Shelly!!

I'm getting a little hungry again so  I am off to peruse my new reading materials and wait for an egg to boil.  My new favourite treat is egg salad in a wrap.  Quick to make and light on the carbs.  I tolerate them well.

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