Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Insomnia Is Not My Problem

I've been busy mostly sleeping this week.  I take various medications to keep everything running and unfortunately one of the ones that aids my digestion makes me drowsy.  I can fight through it if need be, but in this case I just let myself sleep.

Monday we went to Sudbury and I did a little Visa damage in Michael's.  I could carry everything I wanted to buy in one basket but still put out a couple hundred.  I was a little overwhelmed with the selection but managed to come away with treats and trinkets and some much needed stamps and card stock.  My big purchase was a white storage unit popular with scrapbookers.  It's got lots of cubbyholes and a dowel across the bottom for keeping all my spools of ribbon neatly available.

We had a nice leisurely lunch at Montana's.  I had a meatloaf and garlic mashed potatoes and wasn't able to eat dinner afterward.  I had a serious blood low on Monday evening.  My diet and digestion is a real nightmare sometimes.

Today I worked on some cards again, including a re-do of a card I had made featuring a ballet tutu.  I also used a new solvent and stripped my old cutting mats so I can reapply the adhesive and make them like new.

I'm happy to say I'm so well stocked in my craft room that I will have lots to keep me busy for a long while.  I guess tomorrow I should pay a little attention to keeping my kitchen well stocked.  Tomorrow I will fight off the sleep and get things done.

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  1. I had a lovely time with you in Sudbury. The road wasn't as sketchy as we originally thought, although there were a couple of "blow over" areas that had me thinking *BARRIE!!* I have picked up a little "Thank you" for you, so expect a brief visit some time today. <3 you!