Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Great Historical Birthday

Today, in 1809, Abraham Lincoln was born.  When I was a little girl I thought it was way cool to share my birthday with Abe.  I got more pleasure out of that factoid than being born a mere 48 hours before Valentine's Day.  My birthdays were actually pretty cool because of the Valentine's connection. My mom decorated my parties with pink, red and white streamers and cutouts of hearts and cupids.  There were cinnamon hearts and heart shaped boxes of chocolates.  I remember mom dressing me in beautiful party dresses and letting me wear my shiny patent leather shoes.  Birthdays were great.

Through time, birthdays become more or less like any other day.  Sometimes I've even been depressed by the numbers.  I'm odd.  The birthdays ending in 5 are the hardest for me. 

Obviously, today is Abe's and my birthday and it's been a good one.  Countless notes and phone calls and my family all at home with me.  Watching Kennedy tackle his piece of cake was so much fun.  We had to strip him off afterward at table side.  I wonder if he'll be all sugared up this evening?  The meal was great, everyone is now relaxing - especially me with a cup of coffee from my beloved Keurig. 

I wish that everyone could feel my contentment at this moment and have such a great family to love and be loved by.

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