Friday, February 11, 2011

I Cut You!

My birthday is on a Saturday this year, so today was like a mini-birthday as a few people sent greetings early.  That means I felt special today, and it's always so nice to feel special.  It's like when the teacher would choose a 'special person' to take the attendance to the office.  I spent the day doing things I enjoy, and as predicted, did get on the cycle more than once. 

I'm taking a bit longer with each card now that I'm incorporating new things and not just working with die cuts.  I think my recent cards are looking nicer than the earlier attempts and I tend to mail them to friends now.  Today I worked on one to encourage a friend who is going through a tough time.  I sometimes get cards like that from friends and it always warms my heart to be thought of.

While I was working my daughters came in with some gifts for me.  Suzanne made me a lovely poster of a butterfly which I've hung in my work area.  It's so colourful and neatly done.  She and Laura and Kennedy also gave me two new embossing folders.  I can't believe how my hobby has grown in just a few weeks. Love it!

Moments after the children gave me their gifts, my bestie, Shelly, showed up with lots and lots of scissors for me.  Hence the "I Cut You" for today.  Each pair has a different style of blade so I can cut scallops, zigzags and any combo in between.  What a great present!

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