Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snow Day

It snowed all day today, so I'm wondering if I'll ever get to Sudbury.  I'll get up early and check out the weather and make a decision. The highway between North Bay and Sudbury isn't very good at the best of times and much as I enjoy card making, it's certainly not worth dying for.

Today I cut a nice big piece of my birthday cake and took it to my mother's.  We had a good long visit in her room.  I still can't believe how feeble and frail she's become.  My father didn't live long enough for me to witness old age so I still feel that my mother could live forever and always be strong.  Reality bites.

On my way home I stopped at 'Dollarama' and picked up lots of little embellishments and some sweet ribbons.  I never got down to my craft room to try anything as I'm physically exhausted.  Maybe tomorrow night.  I found some great doo-dads for a little girl's birthday card.

My husband took me out to dinner, without the children tonight.  I really enjoyed my curried chicken and naan bread.  The restaurant was nearly empty, probably due to the snow storm.  It was so nice to sit and dine quietly.  Another reminder of my age, I found it far too dim.  I could barely read the menu.  I actually contemplated carrying my menu to the ladies room so I could read it and decide what I wanted. 

While everyone else is watching the Grammys I am heading to bed.  Snow, snow go away!

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