Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello (Keurig) Kitty

I can't believe I haven't mentioned my Keurig coffee maker yet.  I'm not sure how long they've been on the market  but shortly before Christmas I discovered one in a waiting room. Enter Christmas morning.  Since I'm the only coffee drinker in the family, I've always liked the single cup brewers.  This sucker is such, but does it so outstandingly well that it can be used by several people without a time lag.  Brew a cup and within 10 seconds it's ready to brew more.  It operates using K-cups instead of loose coffee grounds.  You get to choose a different flavour each time and there is absolutely no mess.  The only messy thing is your wallet.  as the machine itself is pricey and a box that brews 18 cups costs around $12.  It's so worth it!  I guess I've become a coffee aficionado.  I use alot of decaf so I can pat myself on the head or back.

I make a cup and head down to my craft room.  I work on my cards for awhile and then hop on the exercise bike. One evening recently I made a couple of cards, and as I normally do, posted photos on Facebook. A short time later Keurig Kitty was born.  My dear friend, Keith, had seen it and he thought it was a cat in a coffee cup.  After I politely explained it was flowers in a watering can and that he might want to have an eye exam I tried to look at the card through his eyes and be darned if I couldn't see it (a little) too.

Time flies when you're blogging.  Time to make dinner and HAVE A CUP OF COFFEE.

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  1. It does (a little) look like a kitty in a pot, but ALSO flowers in a watering can. How is it some people can look at the dualistic images, and only see one or the other, and I see both..oh, wait, it must be the cross-eyed condition :P Keurig rules, and I await my own personal brewer.