Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Coffee Addicts Anonymous

My coffee order from Keurig arrived today. I've been white knuckling it for a couple of days as my decaf supply dwindled. I have a ton of coffee flavours to choose from but those decaf cups are the only ones I can have after dinner. I was down to two cups and the ridiculously huge carton arrived at noon. Saved by the nice courier man. Thankfully, my coffee and I were together, as always, while I worked on a paper design. Always be thankful for the small things.

I think the daily exercise is paying off, at least in a small way.  I can now take the stairs much better than before.  I just love imagining myself in fighting shape, with my health restored..  I want to be in the arena at 5 am cheering for Kennedy playing hockey.  I want to be waiting for him to come home after his first school dance.  He will completely sober of course.  Aaaah dreams. Mine can come true. 


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