Monday, February 7, 2011

Meet Princess Alison

The Super Bowl is over. Good.

Today was one of those days that kept me so busy I could weep with fatigue, however I accomplished alot of nagging little things so I'm feeling good. I was out most of the day, mostly running around for my mother who is in an assisted living facility. She just finished raising me, it seems, and here we are with our roles reversed. I returned home without the energy to do anything for myself and was asleep within minutes. I'd sleep all evening, too, but who likes waking up wide-eyed at 2 am? It will be an early night for me.

Some of tomorrow will be spent at the lawyers signing a few bajillion more releases. I long ago lost count of how many times we've made the trip into the lawyer's office to sign this and that. I figure he must have made about $100,000 just for the past 4 years of forms, never mind the actual legal back and forth that I don't think I'm privy to. I swear, I don't know how folks in Hollywood manage with all of their law suits. Crazy stuff!

I've noticed something regarding my change in status from merely ill, to waiting for transplant. My husband seems almost distraught. It seems that until last week, he believed I could live into my 80's by continuing dialysis. Now that I have the definite hope of a transplant, he is notably emotional and says he never knew I was as sick as I am. My entire family has met with my specialists in the past and been told outright about my prognosis and reminded to be helpful and courteous at home. They did a stellar job of creating a peaceful, healthy environment for me for about a nanosecond. Now, it's OMG she's really not well! Whatever works. I'm feeling a little like a princess these days.

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