Thursday, February 10, 2011

Be Prepared

The next majorly major birthday to observe isn't until mid March, but I sat down today and had fun putting together a birthday card.  I had fun trying out a new stamp set, edge punch and some new adhesives.  I'm SO easy.

The awaited out of town shopping trip has been postponed until Monday.  It's disappointing but part of life in the North.  Tomorrow sounds like a good day for some hot cocoa (brewed in the Keurig) and getting a start on a special St. Patrick's card.  I found some great paper and green glitter today.  I just need to surf around for the right image to do a die cut. If all I can come up with is making a card, I'll have no excuse not to do two sessions on the bike.

I really should phone my dietitian and enlist her help.  I have the head knowledge of what I should and shouldn't eat, but I know I could use the encouragement.  For the first time in my life I have a "must have" reason to lose some weight.  Thinking thin and healthy is so exciting to me.  As a peritoneal dialysis patient, I'm unable to bathe in a tub or swim, but I'm thinking of going to the Y and joining just for the various exercise programmes.  I'm not a winter person at all, so I think I'll do that, when in reality I hate to leave the house in the cold.  Shopping or dining out doesn't count.  That's always incentive enough for me to brave the weather.

Time to go check out Netflix.  I'm loving the series "Dead Like Me"  I can't believe they only did it for two seasons!

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  1. I'm sad that the trip needs to be postponed. I was soooo looking forward to this as well. I can't risk you, or myself on those roads, in that weather. You and I both have a lot to live for <3. Monday looks to be much better for us, road condition and weather-wise :)