Saturday, February 19, 2011

Topsy Turvy Me

Quite late last night, I happened to look at my pill dispenser and noticed that on Tuesday when I load it for the week I must have had it upside down.  All of my pills were in the opposite slots. I take an enormous amount of pills to regulate things.  No wonder I'd felt out of sorts all week.  To make matters worse, the error meant I was taking a heavy duty sleeping pill each morning.  Of course I couldn't stay awake during the day! Doh.  At least I discovered my error and corrected it for today so I feel quite normal again.

My sleep this week has been disturbed.  It's been hard to fall asleep and when I did fall asleep I had weird dreams.  In one, Kennedy and I were hiding in a glass phone booth while people threw rocks at us.  I was so afraid for Kennedy.  Another dream featured Keith (with a weird ponytail) wanting to show others a line of appliances.  In this totally bizarre dream, we were all dressed in black and he proceeded to dump pig swill over us and then hose us down with a garden hose.  I had anticipated a washing machine or dishwasher demo but no.  The green rubber garden hose was what he used.  Do you ever wish you could run a video of your dreams so others could get a peek at them and laugh?  Creepy thought I suppose.

The rest of today is mine, other than a trip to the post office to pick up a package.  I'll have a coffee now and dig back into the magazines Shelly brought for me.  Then probably down to play with paper and have a bike ride.  Predictable yes.  I think that's more because of winter weather.  It really limits you.  In my dreams we wouldn't have winter.  I'm already longing for lounge chair weather.

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