Sunday, February 20, 2011

Turning Back the Years

How do most people spend their Sundays?  I'm almost ashamed to put what I've been doing into print.  Yes, a marathon. Where? How Far? Oh heavens, NOT a race marathon.  I'm still clunking along at a few kilometers a day on a stationery bike.  No, this marathon was the televised kind.  Wait for it.....

.....I've been slumped in my comfy chair and watching hours of back to back Full House episodes.  I was too involved in the scenes before me to eat lunch.  I did stop for about 2 minutes and tested my blood.  When I discovered that I was conscious, I went back to the tube.  All the excitement of life in the Tanner household.  Big hair, shoulder pads and oozy lovin'.  To my credit, I actually hate the show and never watched it in it's prime.  It was weird how I just sank into that chair and started watching.  As each episode ended I'd tell myself, "Just one more and then I'll do some laundry".  Next weekend I hear they're running a Mary Tyler Moore Marathon.  That means lots of Betty White. Bonus!  Woot woot!

Believe it or not, I have a goal for tonight.  Predictably, it will be to stay away from the television.  I want to do a little research on some painting techniques.  Maybe I can redeem myself somewhat.`

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