Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Annie is Thoughtful

I think the little girl on my card today is so cute.  Maybe because she lacks a mouth.  She is Annie from Stamping Bella.  I received several similar stamps in the mail today.  I love the designs but they`re tricky to use.  They don`t adhere to my acrylic blocks and are rubber but unmounted.  I had to use tweezers and more than one try to get a clear print image to watercolour.  I used a page from my watercolour pad and when she was dry I trimmed her with tiny scissors.  I need to come up with a better way to use these stamps.

The girls and I went to the pharmacy and Walmart this afternoon.  I couldn`t resist the scrap booking aisle and came away with more glue dots and a circle cutter.  There were a couple of models and I made myself purchase the less expensive model by Martha Stewart.  The other candidate was almost twice the price and pink.  I love pink, but not that much.  I also picked up a few new inks for edge shading die cuts. 

Always something new to try.  I spend almost as much time planning and accumulating as I do actually crafting the cards.

Kennedy picked up his first pair of rubber galoshes today.  It was hard to convince him to put his winter boots back on so I could pay for the rubbers.  He found the boots exciting.  Shopping for tops and sweaters not so much.  We had tears then. 

I`ve a very busy day planned for tomorrow so I`ll be off to bed early tonight.  Oh - maybe I have time to work on one more of those stamps!


  1. There's a sticky thing you can buy that permanently mounts onto the acrylic block. It has a permanent sticky side - that sticks to the block. Then there's the side that faces out, which is tacky enough to hold your naked rubber images. You can press them on and then peel them off. And your block remains clear because the layer is transparent. I'll have to think of the name... I'll get back to you when I find it. I think it is by Tsuekeneko.
    Anyway, this is a cute card! Love the image!

  2. This is it Jane, "Tack n Peel. I checked my two fav. ON stores and they don't have it. But LSL will special order for you if you need something they don't normally carry. Hope that helps!