Thursday, March 3, 2011


What a busy day.  My head feels so much lighter with my new haircut.  After that I had an early lunch with my mother, then it was on to the hospital to go over my eating plan.  Rose did a great job of putting together an easy to follow diet that allows for substitutions.  We also discussed calories burnt during various exercises.  I came away feeling positive. I can DO this.  One downer is I get less calories than a healthy person.  My dialysis solution adds about 300 calories a day to my intake.  That sucks but after my operation there will be no more dialysis fluid so I'll get a little break.  Still, I will always have to be concerned with the effects of the prednisone on my body.  God is so good to me to give me this chance.  I think more and more about living rather than dying now.  People say they can see the light coming back into my eyes.  Well yeah!

Just made this one card today.  Mom took me shopping after the hospital.  She had a wonderful time. Me, not so much.  I was nearly catatonic in the later part of the afternoon.  So, I went downstairs did some die cutting (the flowered frame) and used one of Crissy Armstrong's digital stamps.  I outlined all the components using Martha Stewart's glitter pens, and opaque green for the leaves.  Of course you can tell I've used my beloved glue dots. 

The week is coming to an end. I need to get some cards out in the mail for a special friend.  I can be such a lazy goof about staying in touch,  Maybe my general ongoing state of fatigue affects me.  It's like I have all my thoughts and news for close friends and I don't share it (in a timely fashion) and just sort of hope they know my world is a bit fuzzy at times.  I know I need to get more involved in everyday life again.  I miss going to the ladies Bible study.  Soon.  I keep saying soon,

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  1. I love your layering. You have such an eye for what works on a card Jane! I love your flowers too!