Monday, March 14, 2011

Bling Bling Bunny

I've lost a little weight. Fancy that.  I went with trepidation to meet with my dietitian today and came away pleasantly surprised and motivated.  I've lost about 5 pounds in total so far. 

As I went up and down the stairs today I told myself out loud how good it was for me.  I've been talking out loud to myself quite a bit lately.  Whatever works I guess.  I seem to have picked up the habit while making cards. I find myself giving myself directions.  I`m sure I sound like a lunatic saying things like ``Stick that right there, girlfriend``  My conversations are often peppered with my version of cussing.  I say ``fudge-crackers`` when things go wrong.

Remembering my posting from yesterday I focused on making a cheery card again today.  I couldn't decide whether it should be Happy Easter or Happy Spring so in the end I left it blank.  Certainly the rabbit could be for either occasion.  I used some die cuts, jewels and flower bling.  Bling Bling Bunny.

Lots of small things taken care of today.  It is truly amazing what one can accomplish with a telephone and the Internet.  It is such a nice feeling to know that all sorts of piddly little jobs are taken care of.  Sort of like the feeling I get when I pay the bills and know I don't owe anyone a cent.  I have always stuck to my one credit card, turning down dozens of pre-approved cards over the years.  I can't imagine juggling a bunch of cards and owing so many companies money.  It must be so easy to let things get out of hand that way.  I can usually pay my card off in full at month end.

I'm going to treat myself to a surf around on crafters blogs tonight and see what lovely creations every ones been working on. 


  1. Hi Ali...thanks so much for following my blog! Let me tell you, your blog is so dang cute!! Who made your header? That's adorable!! And your cards are so sweet! I love this little bunny...I struggle with shading on white've done a beautiful job! Congrats on your weight loss. Sounds like you have alot going on...just keep crafting...and taking care of yourself!! hugs. Pat Frank

  2. Hi Ali,

    Love your card, super little bunny and papers. Congratulations on the weight loss.

    Pat xx