Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Colour Me

Yes, yes, yes.  Something arrived at my house today.  I'd been so busy with my Prismacolor pencils and Glamsol I'd forgotten, for the time being, markers.  All I knew is that regular markers were just...well...regular markers.  I'd also forgot one late night on EBay.  There was a package on my kitchen table this afternoon.  I love getting packages to begin with.  This one contained 24 beautiful markers.  No, not copics, but closer.  24 beautiful colours including some nice flesh tones.  They're the Prismacolor double sided makers and I'm so happy to have them.  I think they're a little less than half the price of copics.


The weather was glorious today.  When I went to my doctor's I was able to keep the window down and breathe!  That's one plus of living in a smaller city like this.  You CAN breathe in traffic. Spring is coming people!

I've promised my mother a shopping trip tomorrow.  It will pretty much kill the day for me  Poor mum is a high maintenance girl these days.  Every little thing is a major issue and no matter what we try or do or buy there is something wrong.  Her hearing is poor.  Her memory is poor.  She isn't anything like the mother I grew up with. But I love her and I try to go with her flow and keep doing whatever she wishes.  She's my mom and she bore me and raised me and has never once turned her back on me.  Until now she put me first always.  So now it's my turn to care for her and even though at times she doesn't seem grateful, I keep a smile on my face and give her my best.  Before I know it she'll be gone and I will live on with no regrets.


  1. Hi Jane,
    Glad to hear you had a good day. Love your new font. Yes, what a beautiful day. Spring is on its way. Your cards are beautiful. What a wonderful hobby. I enjoy reading your blogs when I get time. Keep up the good work.
    Smiles, Jacquie

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog on the house in Honduras. I am coming up on the two year anniversary of losing Mom. I know it's tough. Mom had Alzheimer's and did not recognize any of us for several years before she died. We are convinced that caring for his beloved wife around the clock led to Dad having his stroke and death shortly after. Til death do us part- they lived it!
    God bless,
    Luke 18:1

  3. Hi Ali,

    Glad you like your new markers, can't wait to see what you create with them. Enjoy your shopping trip with your Mum.

    Pat xx