Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Boob Tube

What a great afternoon I've had.  I awoke with plans to make a card but that is still to come.

I hopped on my computer to check mail and found myself glued to my seat watching an old movie.  Remember George of the Jungle?  I guess it was just the mood I'm in today, but I loved it.  It was so funny and sweet.  Now here comes the bad/embarrassing part.  George of the Jungle happened to be playing on the Family Channel.  When it was over I still didn't move my hiney. (Believe me, it needs moving!) but I sat there and continued to watch all the Disney shows on that channel.  I'm pretty sure Family is the Canuckian version of the Disney Channel.  I even watched an episode of Hannah Montana.  Well now I've been caught and the TV is off and dinner is cooking.  After dinner, I swear, I will be in my craft room doing creative things.

Now I can't remember what card idea I had rattling around in my brain this morning.  I wish I'd written it down.  My ability to focus and concentrate has been somewhat compromised due to the kidney disease.  I just need to remember to take notes when the good ideas come. 

If it turns out that I have an aha moment, I may be back with another post before day's end.

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  1. I love the romantic lacy look you gave this card Ali. Beautiful hon. xo