Friday, March 4, 2011


Just when I get in a springtime mood, we get dumped on with major snow again.  The snowstorm started when I was out shopping so it's one of those evenings I'm ever so glad to be inside drinking coffee (decaf) and wearing my fluffy slippers.    The house is quiet.  Just the hum of the fridge and furnace. 

I've been downstairs trying some markers I have.  They're okay, but just okay.  My wicked little heart longs for a good set of copic pens.  My wallet is laughing at my heart.  The cards I have coloured are usable, however I feel I'm far from doing the lovely stamps justice.  Hopefully with time I'll get better.  After all, 2 months ago I thought I was doing great to make a die cut and glue it on a card. The other card I made tonight I tried shading the edges of the 'frame' with a pigment ink from Martha Steward and it turned out well.  This Easter card was made without my die cutting machine.  I used the circle cutter I bought at the beginning of the week.  So, onwards and upwards, continuing my learning curve.

Veering grossly off topic - Can you believe someone else has finally eclipsed Lindsay Lohan?  Charlie Sheen is providing stand up comics with so much material.  Tiger blood.  Bi-winner.  Adonis DNA.  Winning, winning, winning.

Okay now Ali, literally for the love of God, stop laughing over the news reports and pray for the guy.

I give! I`m still laughing.  I can imagine waking up some day and thinking to myself```Ali, you did not really say and do those things``

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