Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dollar Stores Rock!

I look forward to logging onto my computer each day and visiting all of my friend's updated blogs.  It's so much fun seeing what each person has created, to read about creations entered in blog hops and to read whatever news each person shares.  When we share a common interest the blogs produce a real sense of community.  I usually spend about an hour a day on the computer sharing my own words and photos, but mostly enjoying everyone else's.

The weather here is wonderful today.  Kennedy has spent most of the day outdoors with Laura.  They took our dog, Wendall, for a long long walk.  Now they are back out there playing golf with Kennedy's plastic clubs.  Oh how that boy loves golf.  Probably by next year he'll have graduated into his own set of irons.  It helps that his daddy is a golf club fitter.  It's daddy's hobby gone wild after his brain injury forced him to stop working.  I'm so grateful he has found something he enjoys to fill his days.  He doesn't earn money for what he does but the self esteem and friendships he's developed are worth it all.

All of my plans for next month's visits to Toronto are finalized, barring the surgeon having to perform a transplant when I happen to arrive.  I'm not going to worry.  Things will all work out one way or another.  I'm on the right road. 

I bought what feels like 10 pounds of white card stock today.  Probably enough to last me forever. That was the smallest bundle I could find.  I also found more dollar store bling.  I found the cutest miniature string dollies, mini clothes pins and some adorable 12 x 12 paper.  Dollar stores rock!  I'm pretty sure I'd pay about 4 times as much if I'd picked the same articles up at Michael's. Today's card was made entirely with dollar store finds. Before I left the room I put together a 'bib holder' to give to my mother.  She tucks a large paper napkin in her neckline to eat.  She can put this ribbon around her neck and use the little butterfly clips to hold the edges of the napkin.  If I can find some clips that are less girly, I'll make a smaller version for Kennedy.  Oops, my granddaughter too!

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