Friday, April 22, 2011

This is Good Friday

What a relaxing day.  I've made a couple of cards and am just kicking back on the computer.  My evening is planned (the last two episodes of Roswell) and I plan on getting a good night's rest.

I did something a few minutes ago - partly as a knee jerk reaction to something hurtful and partly because I am tired of the whole Facebook mentality.  You see,  I made a statement that went up on the feed.  I noted that everyone today is talking about Earth Day, including Google making a graphic for the day.  But has anyone remembered that it's also Good Friday?  What was I thinking?  In under 5 seconds I was under attack.  Someone said that Good Friday was only for Catholics and another agreed and so it went from there.  I didn't fight.  I'm too tired to fight. (Others were joining in by then)  So I deactivated my Facebook account.  I probably worded my post wrong - I'm no orator.  What was I thinking even alluding to Christian faith on the mighty Facebook?  Ack.  Oh well.  I'll get over it with no hard feelings to the people involved, but I think a good long break from that venue is needed.  And I'll privately pray for those that didn't know that today is an important Christian observance.

I find there is a notable difference in the blogosphere.  We post about our projects, but we also share bits of our lives with each other and I have never witnessed anything disrespectful.  I'm babbling a little here.  I feel like I should have stood my ground but I was so upset and closed my account instead.  I'm ashamed of myself for not pulling it together. Instead I saw what could be a 30 post melee and ran.

Well, what's done is done.  I'm going to try to reclaim my evening and follow through with the good rest tonight plan.  I have some crafting ideas to try tomorrow. Life goes on.

I hope you are all enjoying this holiday weekend and have a wonderful Easter.


  1. Ah Ali first of all your card is so pretty!!!!
    Second of all I read your post about facebook and I agree with you. I am on Facebook but since I started here I no longer use it!!!! I have met so many nice people here you for one and I am very content with that!!!!I have been inondated with people trying to help me get better at making cards!!! All comments have been to help me and never to criticize me. I feel blessed to have open up this blog !!!! Happy Easter to you and your family!!!!!
    Hugs Linda

  2. It was Earth Day? I thought it was Good Friday. *s* Happy Easter to all of you...


  3. Lovely card Ali. Sorry you had such a bad experience after a good Good Friday! I have never joined Facebook, never wanted to, I enjoy blogging and have met some lovely people on here so think that is all I need. Hope you and your family have a good Easter weekend.

    Pat xx

  4. I have to agree with you. I enjoy Facebook because it keeps me connect with my family that I live so far away from but I am so tired of the "fakeness" on Facebook. Everyone trying to impress, outdo, and make others feel "less than" on a regular basis. I love my blogging friends!! I receive the sweetest comments, positive thoughts/encouragement, and advice! I enjoy reading other people's blogs because I know that there are so many others like me!