Monday, April 11, 2011

Half Hearted Me

Short one tonight.  I did make one card today (this isn't it though) and worked on an envelope journal for awhile.  I spent a restless night last night.  We had some terrific thunderstorms and I lay awake worrying that we'd have a power outage and my dialysis machine would shut down.  Did staying awake help?  Of course not, but it's what I do.

So waking up tired, I had still committed to attending my Bible study.  Good thing the ladies know me so well because I literally nodded off to sleep in my chair for a little while.  It was sure good to get together with everyone again, though.  It was 4 pm when I left and I realized I had yet to eat anything so I grabbed a sandwich from Tim Horton's and got to the pharmacy before dinner for my week's medications.

I'm not up to much tonight but I know that my appointments are done for the rest of this week so I should have plenty of rest time AND plenty of craft time.

I would have probably finished the envelope journal tonight but my heart wasn't in it once I discovered my single punch had grown legs and gone off somewhere.  I'll be fresh and armed with the correct punch when I pick it up again.  I'm a little afraid I'll need to buy a new punch though.  I haven't used it in ages and one of the kids may have invited it to school for all I know.

I hope everyone's Monday wasn't too brutal and that you're all enjoying being your creative selves.


  1. Beautiful Ali, just beautiful!

  2. Your card is breathtaking! Also, I will lie in bed wide awake worrying, too. It never helps when I worry but if I don't worry~~who will? :)

  3. I hope you find your punch!..... gorgeous card, with such a pretty ribbon.