Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Count Your (Little) Blessings

Today I used the little hedgehog from the Live Simply cartridge.  No message or meaning to that other than I thought it was a cute critter.  The banner message is simply one of the truest things I can put on a card.  I'm having a rather positive day.  Yes, I've been counting my blessings and they are many! Even little things like a parking spot near the hospital doors today.  I saw my family doctor today and although his role in my kidney journey is really that of an observer, he had some very encouraging words for me.  I met my hairdresser and her sister at the hospital and they reminded me to have someone call them when I finally go because they'd like to visit with my mom and help her worry a little less.  So thoughtful of them.  Simple kindnesses mean so much.

I hope you've all found some little blessings to be thankful for today.
Happy Crafting!


  1. Super sweet! Great papers on this! Thinking of yoU!


  2. Sweet card, super cute image, guess we should all count our blessings every day. Thinking of you.

    Pat xx

  3. Cute Card! Love your ribbon choice! Thank you for reminding me that we all have some blessings to count! :)

  4. What a suoper adorable card!!!!! The paper and colors are fabulous!!!!! Great job Ali!!!!!