Monday, September 12, 2011

An Actual Craft Related Post

I`m a little bit excited about two things.  First of all, I found 3 cartridges I want for a good price on Ebay.  Flower Shoppe, Limited Edition Thanksgiving and Joys of the Season.  I`m not a fan of Halloween but I have plenty of ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I have been wishing for Flower Shoppe since it came out and the seller had a new packaged cart for $24.  Wahoo!!

I'm also excited to share the news that Just Wordz is releasing two more stamp sets - Christmas Season and Party Time.  More mix ' n' match sentiments.  These are just in time for all of our holiday cards.  I'm super excited to be getting both sets. Go and check out the announcement. Yay Kimberly!!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Your the best Ali...thank you so much. I'm so excited as well, can't wait to ink them up...

  2. its good to see you are back up and posting.

    Lamont Cranston

  3. Hey are you doing, i noticed you haven't posted in a while...i hope all is well. My thoughts are with you...your stamps should be arriveing in the next soon. kim

  4. Oh Ali, how are you doing???? Happy Thanksgiving and hope all is

  5. Hope you are OK Ali, not seen you posting for a while. Take care.

    Pat xx